Tel Aviv for WSJ

27th October 2016


In September I’ve got an opportunity to shoot in Tel Aviv for The Wall Street Journal. It was my second assignment for the WSJ and surprisingly my first time in Israel. It’s just a 40 minutes flight from Cyprus where I live but it happened only now and it wasn’t even my choice. Thus we are often neglecting something which is in front of us and keep dreaming of unattainable domains. Well I wasn’t just dreaming though and for the last couple of years managed to explore several exciting destinations including India, Morocco, Cuba and several Balkan countries. Yet some closer territories like Jordan, Lebanon and even the Greek islands are still waiting for me.

In Tel Aviv I was shooting food for the “Off Duty” travel section of the WSJ. It was a pretty fast-moving assignment. 5 days all together, from getting instructions to organizing, flying, 1.5 days of intense shooting, editing and filing. It was a great experience and a pleasure too as always when I manage to visit new lands and get in touch with other cultures. It was short, really short, but I will definitely go back. I liked Tel Aviv and made good friends there. And apart from the assignment shots I was lucky to get a few nice ones for myself in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Here is a selection of both and a link to the WSJ article. It’s quite useful for foodies traveling to Israel I think 🙂 And many thanks to those who assisted me and spent their time to make that happen.

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