From the Balkans to India

12th July 2015


In June 2015 in Limassol, Cyprus, I presented my work at the exhibition entitled ‘From the Balkans to India’. Photos included impressions from  Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Istanbul, Delhi and India’s northern Rajasthan region. Here is a link to an article in English; as mainly I was getting publicity in Greek 🙂 invitation try

A very interesting glance in the everyday's circumstances of the places Galia visited and documented through the camera's eye. With humor and sensitivity she captured the unexpected and the ephemeral achieving great compositions. The sense of colour, the play of lights and shadows, the depth of field are the qualities present in this show. Galia also is interested in depicting what time and man cause to the walls that surround human beings in their urban environment. One may say that Galia achieves to measure everything that appears to her pictorial compositions according to her mature way that she observes life! - Spyros Demetriades
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